I am a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Business Administration. Living in the twenty first century, it is hard to see any industry, not impacted by the impact of technology. The long lasting impact that technology can have on a certain field is what has motivated me to study computer science and find new ways to integrate with business and finance. Interdisclipinary projects have the potential to revolutionize mutliple sectors, which is why I would love to work on one. Please check out the following pages to get more information and ways to get in contact with me.

Baymax: Your Personal Sleep Tracker

This project is written in python and uses OpenCV to detect whether a user is either sleepy or awake based on their facial expressions. In order to determine the user's state, I implemented the k-nearest neighbors algorithm and OpenCV binary thresholding. I then collect date regarding the number of hours of sleep that the user slept the night before, store this in a dictionary, and plot this on to a graph. Click here to watch my video, demonstrating and explaining how this program is designed and works.

Photo Sharing

This project was made using Swift, Xcode, and a Parse server. I used a Parse server to create an application that would allow users to share pictures with each other over an iOS platform. Please visit my github to view this repository for more information.